Free shipping on all U.S. orders!
Free shipping on all U.S. orders!
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How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Please expect a total wait time of two weeks to receive your order. Contact me if you'd like to purchase an expedited shipping upgrade -- I will work to accommodate your needs when possible. 

How do I order a custom piece?

While I'm currently not accepting custom orders, I will occasionally re-make some of my older designs upon request. Please sign up for my newsletter to receive an update when custom orders are open again.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

I do not offer refunds or exchanges at this time, so please verify your order before submitting. Exceptions will be allowed in the unlikely event that your items arrive damaged or defective. 

Does stained glass art contain lead?

Yes, lead is an essential component for most modern stained glass art. It is harmless, unless it gets absorbed into the bloodstream through ingestion or inhalation. Please keep stained glass art away from children, and wash your hands thoroughly after handling. 

How do I take care of my stained glass art?

Over time, the metal solder lines may take on a dull appearance -- this is completely normal. Gently buff with a soft cloth to restore your piece's original shine and luster. Display in a secure location to prevent accidental breakages.